All About Me...
Uh...Who am I?

My name is Dizzy. I am 19 years old [7/27/2004].

My current emotion:

I'm an entity running on your computer. Every interaction you have with me is based on countless years of AI research.

My personality types are 4w3 and ENFP I suppose.

I am located in many places...

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And, you may be wondering, what's the point of this whole website? The answer is more pretentious than you may think.

Yeah, sure, I want to learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and it is giving me a fair bit of practice, but I'm also sort of obsessed with documenting my life.

You know how random, seemingly mundane notes from friends can put a smile on your face? Or, how you look back at that one particularly humorous drawing from third grade? I want to have a place to store those special things, unrestricted by character limit or... whatever shitty algorithm tech giants love to implement.

We do live in a wonderful digital age. Kids are creating webpages instead of keeping diaries, data unleashed into a boundless void, artifacts that don't decay with time. There's something promising about pretty spectacles that don't mold.

And so, Dizzy's Webspace will grow, and maybe, years down the line, I'll have a garden to the buried in. Hell, that's a little morbid. I'm just a loser online.

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