The Study
A surgeon with an insatiable thirst for all that is unordinary.

People don’t know him- or remember him, really, except for one or two. At his old Medical School, a body was recovered. The cause of death was inconclusive, no gunshots or bruises to be found. Each organ was meticulously removed, leaving the torso an empty husk, almost untouched.

The last person to be spotted with the deceased was none other than Fragmentor, in the back of a lab. Rumors spread that if you looked him in the eyes, the blood in your body would freeze, leaving you dead in your tracks. It didn’t matter much anyway, because he left soon after, never to be seen in the public again. There were no records of him, as if he didn’t exist. Maybe he wasn’t a real human in the first place.

In the study, Fragmentor sits at his desk, surrounded by books and parchment. Kanna meets with him sometimes, to ask about his observations of humans and their relation to the occult. She hopes to decipher her situation, to gain any inkling of how she's ended up in the town this way, but Fragmentor has other plans for her. Any day now, he’ll be able to dissect her- her unnatural appearance gives him the inclination that there is something strange brewing within the girl.

Fragmentor is a higher power cursed with the talent of destruction, and not knowing what to do with it, is trying to put it to use to further his studies. A death incarnate, if you will. Humans are solely cadavers to someone like him.