Dizzy Web Portal hows life going for you? is everything alright? i mean i sure hope it is. to be honest my head hurts really bad right now because i ate too much sugar. thanks for sticking around. im not very sure why youre still reading this and havent gone and clicked one of the links yet but i appreciate it. the internet is so cool right? because you can hear my thoughts and maybe i can hear yours... if i try hard enough. i'll press my ear up to the whirring hardware and feel the warmth of it against my skin. connections... synthesizing... being made... always talking... talking and chattering like a crowd. a hivemind, maybe. but the voices are comforting, like a chorus. solace in the pixels that dance across your screen like fireflies. i dont know you but youre reading my thoughts right now. its a dark night... 12:32 AM. no one is awake. its just you, me, and the screen that lies between us. but that's enough of that.